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Heather Pierce - Wednesday, February 17, 2016

What can you get for $5.00? 

I'm racking my brain here: a cup of coffee, a kids meal at a fast-food restaurant, or a loaf of bread and a jar of peanut butter?

I know you can't go to the movies for $5.00, get a full size meal at a fast food restaurant, or even all of the components to make a PB&J. 

We've begun a remodel at Family Service Society.  Of course, as we prepared for the remodel we had to pack up our belongings inside the building.  I found several boxes containing pictures and history of our agency.  There were lots of pictures of staff helping with day to day activities, with Christmas assistance, and supporting the agency through Fundraising at BBQ-on-the River.  However, what caught my attention was the correspondence inside the books.  Correspondence from the clients that had been served over the years like the letter below:


$5.00 is all Family Service Society gave that day but it made a huge impact on her life.  In my mind that seems like such an insignificant amount--bacon costs more than $5.00 at the store some days but luckily the staff at FSS that day did not think $5.00 was insignificant. Instead, they felt called to give and it helped this lady and her family get over a hump in their life.  When they reached the other side of that hump she felt called to help someone else by returning that money to Family Service Society. 

What if we all gave what we feel is insignificant?  $5.00, $8.75, $20.00, $100.00?

Wouldn't it add up to make significant?

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