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Heather Pierce - Saturday, February 20, 2016

Family Service Society is located at 827 Joe Clifton Drive.  Don't know where that is?  It's the old Captain D's building. Yes, now you know what I'm talking about.




FSS was granted that building through a City Grant and paid $1.00 a year for 5 years for the property.  A few things were done to the building to get in and FSS was happy to have that building.  The building on S. 3rd street had rain water constantly leaking in and when FSS moved out, that building was condemned and torn down.

However, the Joe Clifton Drive property was not built to be a service agency. It was built to be a restaurant.  Therefore, it has never actually fit the needs of FSS.  Family Service Society has made great use of every inch of space in that building and additional space on the parking lot by renting semi-trailers for storage.  Ideas had been tossed about on how to handle this problem within the agency--- Should we move to a new location?  Should we remodel?  Should we rent space? 

The decision was made to stay where we are in our current location because so many of our clients walk to us.  They may live in the hotel near our facility or they may ride the bus to get to us.  Another factor in our decision was that even if we purchased a new building we felt it would also have to be remodeled.  We just did not feel we could find a building already made for us.  Of course, we felt that we had an asset in our building.  Since we had acquired the building through a city grant for $5.00 our building was paid for and we had equity in our current building.

With those items in mind the staff and Board of Directors of FSS decided it best to renovate the building at 827 Joe Clifton Drive to meet our needs.

So, What Do We Do Next?

Once it was decided on that we would move forward with the remodel we contacted designers, contractors, and whoever else would give us advice on what we should do and what would be a good lay out. 

That's when we figured out we had more work to do on our part.  We had to really walk through our services, our processes, and how we wanted to grow in the future so that we could design the building around our needs and the needs of our clients. 

Chad Beyer, with I5 Design Group, worked diligently with us to develop a design that fit our needs and our budget.  Chad explained different options to us and to our building committee to come up with our final product.  Bobby Owens with Maxim Contractors was hired to do the construction work.

How Will FSS Function?

If we are kicked out of our building for three months how will FSS function and serve its clients? 

We are working out of construction trailers serving our clients.  Our clothing room is shut down temporarily until we reopen.  There is no room to house those items.  This service will continue we move back into our normal space.  We will also begin receiving clothing donations again in May.  Due to our lack of storage at this time we are unable to collect donations. 

Our staff is separated into two trailers and we communicate back and forth by and phone and email.  It's not ideal but it is temporary.  We truly believe it will be beneficial in the long run.




When Will We Move In?

Good Question and one we get asked often.  Maxim Construction began work on February 8, and they projected 75 days.  We anticipate some delays ,as most construction projects have them, so we say 90 days which leads us into the beginning of May.   

Once we are moved in and settled we will host a rededication/Open House to celebrate our new home. 

What's Our Progress?

I invite you to follow the progress daily on our facebook page Family Service Society. Here are a few pictures of before the remodel when we were moving out and where we are to this point:



                          Former Clothing Room Area                                                                                            Former Clothing Area that will now be Education Area/Board Room





                           Former Front Office                                                                                              Front Office now which will be the new Clothing Room

How Can You Help?

Family Service Society made a conscious effort to not enter into  a capital campaign at this time knowing how many other initiatives are going on in Paducah.  As a Board and Staff we decided to look for grant opportunities and to work with other partners in our community to complete our project.

Here are a few items we will need as we move in.  If you have a connection to someone that can help us or you are willing to help us please contact us at 

(270) 443-4838 or

      • Clothing Racks
        • Round, adjustable, in good shape
      • Shelving for the clothing room
        • i.e. Closetmaid type shelving
      • Office Furniture
        • Desks, chairs, Board Room/Education Tables and Chairs
      • Industrial Shelving for the Pantry

 Monetary donations are also appreciated and can be sent to:

                                                                                827 Joe Clifton Drive

                                                                                Paducah, KY 42001

 Or you can go to our go fund me page at

Thank you for your support of Family Service Society.  Keep checking in for updates on the renovation.  The building is changing daily so it will be great transformation to watch.



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